Tips for Making the Best Greek Yogurt
 Greek yoghurt is popular all over the world and this is as a result of its exemplary flavour and high density which makes it different from regular yoghurt.  You also stay satisfied over a longer time when you take Greek yoghurt as it is considered to be a superfood.  One of the biggest differences between the two types of yoghurt is that Greek yoghurt is strained whereas regular yoghurt is not. During the straining process, whey is removed. View

 The health benefits that come with taking Greek yoghurt regularly are also one of the biggest reasons for its popularity.  Greek yoghurt is highly nutritious as it contains all the essential nutrients and can also help you lose weight.  Because of the many health benefits that come with taking Greek yoghurt, many people are looking to learn the skills of making Greek yoghurt at home. This website provides you with all the guidelines for making quality Greek yoghurt in the comfort of your home without using any fancy ingredients or equipment.

Making Greek yoghurt at home is a pretty straight forward process that you can easily manage without any sophisticated equipment and ingredients.  First, you have to heat the milk over a medium flame while stirring regularly to ensure that a skin does not form over the milk.  After heating the milk, report should be transferred to a bigger pot filled with ice and water for cooling.  After this, you are supposed to and have a cup of warm milk and plain yoghurt in a big bowl and mix well after which you are the rest of the milk and continue mixing. The bowl containing the mixture is then covered with a lid and wrapped in a moist warm clothes after which it is placed in an oven for at least six to eight hours or overnight.  A mesh sieve and cheese cloth are then used to strain the yoghurt. read more here

 When making Greek yoghurt at home, you can use the whey extracted for different uses.  Depending on your preferences, you can president added to a smoothie or add it as it is for extra nutritional content.  Whey also makes a good alternative for buttermilk, milk, or water in a baking procedure.

 Homemade Greek yoghurt just better and it can make the perfect dish even on its own.  If you end up with a surplus after making Greek yoghurt, you can use it as a recipe in a variety of mouth-watering dishes.  Some of the best dishes you can try making using Greek yoghurt include frozen yoghurt cups and blueberry yoghurt cookies.